2019 Review

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2019 Review

As we wrap up for Christmas and the end of the year approaches, we thought we’d take a look back at what we’ve been up to over the year and share some key highlights.

Early in the year, we saw an influx of new business, including several branding and web design projects.

2019 was definitely not a slow start.

Lotus Home Care Branding


Lotus Home Care
We were approached by the owners of Lotus Home Care to help create a brand identity and new website to help them support their plans for the future. Lotus’s old brand identity didn’t do them any favours. They looked very similar to other competitors and they didn’t reflect a growing business, with 8 branches across Yorkshire.

After an in-depth audit of the marketplace, we created a new brand that was differentiated from their competitors. We positioned Lotus to appear more emotional and human – which is exactly what they offer.

We designed and built a website that presented their offer clearly, has helped attract staff – but also made it easier for potential clients to find out more about their services.

We’ve been retained by Lotus throughout the year to support various ongoing marketing activities.

Increase in web traffic by 218.6%
589% increase in recruitment within 6 months on 19 /131.
37 direct work enquiries through the website contact form.


O&H Vehicle Technology


Oliver North – a client who we’ve worked with for some years asked us to help rebrand O&H, a vehicle conversion specialist he had been tasked with restructuring.

With new tenders up for grabs, we had to move quickly and created a new brand identity and supporting communications that supported O&H’s new vision.

We launched the new identity and website early in the year – and even in such a short space in time it helped O&H attract several direct enquiries and supported winning public sector contracts.

19 million order intake after Q1.


DG Scott Electrical Contractors Rebrand


DG Scott
Daniel Scott of DG Scott electrical contractors asked us to help him change perceptions of his business. DG Scott were already working with several universities and facilities management companies – but struggled when tendering for work – as bigger clients perceived DG Scott as too small. We helped Daniel by rebranding the business and positioning it to attract larger contracts. 3 months on from the launch – they saw several direct enquiries on the back of the raised profile and saw a return on investment of 268%.

268% ROI within 3 months.
Several new clients got in contact through the website.
Won a 6 figure contract following on from the rebrand.


Accu Rebrand


Accu sells engineering components online. In 2018 alone they sold 50 million and are growing fast.

We worked with their in-house marketing team to design a new identity and create in-depth brand guidelines to help with consistency. Over the year we’ve worked on various projects such as motion graphic videos, advertising, copywriting, user interface design and brand consultancy.

We’re working with Accu on a monthly basis to help take their brand to the next level, deliver effective marketing communications and help them stay ahead of the curve.


Boss Cabins Configurator


Boss Cabins
Managing Director Matthew Wordsworth wanted to create a tool where his customers could spec a cabin in their own time, get a transparent price and have the ability to see the value of different configurations.

We designed and built a custom configurator for Boss’s entire product range. Working with CGI experts Redhound Studios we create various CGI images, where customers could see 360-degree views, and customise the colours of their cabin.

The new tool is an industry first and has got a lot of praise from Boss’s staff, and customers.

The tool has already paid for itself within four weeks and has had 45 new customers sign-up to use the tool (who Boss have never heard from before). So far quotes from the configurator have totalled £369,806.00


Distinctive Chesterfields Website Design


Distinctive Chesterfield
In the middle of the year, we were tasked with redesigning and rebuilding the e-commerce website for Distinctive Chesterfield. The current Distinctive site uses old technologies and the back-end of the website needed refreshing to make it easier for staff to use and capture data.

Distinctive Chesterfield sell sofas, which you can probably guess what type. The order process on the website is quite complex, with various sofa styles in multiple sizes, alongside  156 different swatches to choose from.

Working with Managing Director Steve and Marketing Manager Gemma, we have rethought their order process – making it easier for people to buy, but also making it more of an experience too.

We’re looking forward to launching the site in the new year.


Austin Kemp Mock Up


Austin Kemp
This time last year we built a lead generator tool for law firm Austin Kemp which brought in 147 enquires in January.

This year Austin Kemp’s client conversion rate has increased by 12%. In 2018 they converted 23% of new clients to retained work, and in 2019 35%.


Matthew joined the team
Junior designer Matthew Skinner joined Aye! and has quickly become an important part of the team. Matthew has been working on everything from motion graphic videos, illustration to branding. He’s a great asset and we’re looking forward to seeing him grow as a designer in 2020.


Actiform Group
In late November we were chosen to rebrand national modular building business Actiform Group. We’re already immersed in the branding process and we’re looking forward to showing the world the new look we’ve created for them in 2020.

2019 has flown by – and we’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

To all our clients, friends, suppliers and people in our network, thank you for everything you’ve done and we are looking forward to working with you in 2020.

Have a great Christmas.







December 23, 2019

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