Accu B2B Campaign

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Accu B2B Campaign


We’ve been working with the online component store Accu since 2018.

From initially rebranding them, to providing marketing consultancy and creating various campaigns – we’ve been a part of their rapid growth from £3 million to near £8 million.

Working together with their talented in-house team, we’ve recommended creating a new campaign to increase sales with their business to business customers. AccuPro is a sub-brand that focuses on B2B customers and is a service built all around them, with speed and value at the core.

We identified the different segments of the Accu customer base and consulted that we target these customer segments with different messaging and propositions. Not all customers are equal, and we worked with Accu to identify the most lucrative segments to target.

After months of work and the creation of various marketing communications, the campaign has just gone live.

Here’s a promotional video we created as part of the campaign. Results to follow.


July 15, 2021

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