Aye! Inspiration #3

Game of Thrones GIF’s by Eran Mendel

Since becoming a massively successful TV series, Game of Thrones has gone on to inspire lots of different types of fan art. My favourite by far are these charming GIF’s by Eran Mendel. He manages to make some pretty brutal TV scenes look quite cute and cuddly!

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Artwork by John Baldessari

As an appreciator of the alternative, the weird and the wonderful it will be hard for you to not appreciate some aspect of John Baldessari’s work. His minimal style and mixture of storytelling and opinion create unique visuals that will make you look twice.

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Tikeo Johan’s Instagram Account

As a massive fan of Instagram, my image feed has become more of an inspiration board than anything else. One person who always catches my eye is Tikeo Johan, an Art Director from Paris, who’s posts showcase a great use of colour, illustration and texture.

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Fonts or Art? Moshik Nadav

Moshik Nadav is a typographer and font designer from Israel. Producing a range of fonts for sale that work as whole elegant headlines or individual artistic letters.

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Even Mehl Amundsen

If you’re a fan of fantasy, storytelling and illustration then this is another Instagram account for you. An illustrator and concept artist from Norway, Even has created his very own fantasy world. Each of his posts are incredible fantasy based illustrations accompanied by a segment of story, and scrolling from one post to the next you are quickly immersed in a narrative that could rival the likes of Tolkien.

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Vasjen Katro is a visual designer from Albania. For the past year, he has been producing one poster per day as part of his personal project “Baugasm”. The posters have been so well received that he has now extended the project to another year. Being compelled to create something unique every single day has forced Vasjen to explore a massive variety of styles and techniques, with some quite radical outcomes. The posters are awesome, and there’s so many of them that would be impossible to not be inspired!

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