Aye! Inspiration #4

Bionic Brew

Here at Aye! we love looking at packaging for beers and ales. The bionic brew packaging is one that really caught our attention. It stands out with the array of colours and textured finish and would certainly catch my eye on the shelf.

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Mollie Rebrand

Innovative card payment system Mollie have recently rebranded with a new website and logo. The movement in this site really makes it come alive alongside a great use of typography with the beautiful font Calibre. This blows old hat payment systems such as Worldpay out the water.

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UK & U.S. Design Principles

Both the U.S. and UK Government have websites explaining the design principles of their government built websites. You can imagine how important it is to keep a consistent look and voice across their vast number of sites. Reading up on these are a great reminder on some basic rules to follow for your own website and brand.

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Bowery Produce Packaging

Bowery use 95% less water, 0 pesticides, grow all year round and produce over 100X more that other suppliers on the same footprint of land. The waste we’re producing and the pesticides we are using is something I try to be mindful about and Bowery certainly seem to be passionate about reducing waste and creating organic produce. The packaging and website in really effective in communicating this.

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