Aye! Inspiration #6

Dropbox Rebrand

The recent rebrand of Dropbox has been a big talking point in the design community recently. We think a lot of the initial simplicity that the old style showed about the Dropbox product has been lost, and it could mean a complete shift in the way they are perceived by potential users. There are parts of the rebrand which are spot on but in some ways, it feels like they are trying too hard to be cool. Does an app that hosts your files need to be so hip?

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Erik Spiekermann

We stumbled across this interview with legendary type designer Erik Spiekermann who talks about working at 70 and not doing free pitches. A very interesting insight into his life and his contribution to the typographic world.

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Science Museum Rebrand

Another controversial rebrand by North Design which replaced the well-loved logo design by Johnson Banks. Having been compared to a students art project it is certainly an interesting approach that has got some designers tweeting furiously. We are still unsure at this moment, but we can see why they had to unify the group of companies.

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