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Change Is Here


After nearly 8 years of being called Aye! We’ve decided to make the change to our future name; Smith.

We’ve rebranded to signal change. As we’ve grown, we’ve learnt where we are best and where we can add the most value to our clients.

The name Aye! is great and has served us well, however, we didn’t think it was the name to propel us into the future.

The background behind our new name was inspired obviously inspired by my second name, but also the fact that it derives from a Blacksmith. The first version of branding before packaging was farmers literally branding their cattle, to signal ownership. The tool used to brand the cattle was something made by a Blacksmith, therefore we thought highly relevant. The ‘T’ in our logo is a nod to the tool that was used as a brand.

There’s also an irony to our new name. Smith is the UK’s most popular second name. How do you stand out from the crowd?

You have to own – and that’s what we have done.

Check out the new site here:

We hope you like it.

November 17, 2021

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