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5 reasons to rebrand this year

“New year, new me” is something you hear all that often at the start of the year. For businesses, with growth in mind, I’ve put together five reasons why you should think about rebranding this year.

1 – Are you saying the right message?
We find that a lot of SME’s are actually sending the wrong message to the marketplace.

For instance, when we started working with solicitors Austin Kemp, we quickly learnt that their communications were sending the wrong message to the marketplace and didn’t resonate with their target audience.

There was a gap in communication.

We helped them capture the messages that they needed to say, then helped them communicate that to their customers through different communication channels.

By doing this, the financial returns have been phenomenal and Austin Kemp is seeing growth year on year.

See the Austin Kemp case study here

Austin Kemp Before And After
Before we started working with Austin Kemp, they were sending the wrong message to the marketplace. They wanted to attract high net worth clientele – but didn’t express that in all their communications.


2 – Stand out
When you look out into the business landscape, far too many companies who offer the same products and services look the same. Why? Because they are scared to look different.

It’s so easy to replicate what others have, but if you really want to stand out from competition, you have to do something different.

When customers are looking out for a new company to work with, if everyone looks the same; why should they choose you over the other?

We find a lot of businesses talk too much about features and benefits. But the clever businesses understand that by creating emotional bonds with their customers via communications, can create a competitive advantage. Think feelings, over features.

Take Huddersfield-based brewery Empire. As an established micro-brewery, they were missing out to newer breweries, purely because of how they looked.

We helped them stand out from the competition by creating a brand identity that stands out.

Changing how they were perceived, changed how people dealt with them. By rebranding, it built trust (as they looked more credible), resonated with a wider audience – and looked more attractive to buyers.

Since rebranding them over three and a half years ago, Empire have found it a lot easier to get into new bars, and are acquiring new customers all the time.

Empire Brewing Pump Clip Mock Up
By taking a look at Empire’s direct competitors, we were able to help them stand out on a crowded bar; which results in the increase in sales.


3 – Signalling change
Rebranding can signal change to the marketplace. This isn’t just tweaking a logo (which most people think it is), this is about stepping back, looking at the business from above – and defining the new message that needs to be told.

Rebranding to signal change would make sense if:

• a new leadership team is taking over the business

• the business is moving in a new direction

• the business has merged with another

If a business is changing direction or going after a new customer base – then this change can be worth communicating.

Aye! Agency Signalling Change
A lot of the time we find that businesses aren’t expressing themselves from the inside out. Internally there’s change, but not made visible to the marketplace.


4 – Clarity
Branding was born to clarify one product from another. By stamping marks on products, assets, and services it was about showing ownership and telling the world – ‘this is owned by me’.

If a lot of people are asking you ‘what do you actually do’ – then you’re not communicating clearly.

Going through the branding process makes it easier to sell yourself, and also easier for customers to understand what you do because it’s about making everything as simple as possible.

For example: when we starting working with manufacturer Boss Cabins, we didn’t understand why they named their products the way they did. They called their cabins names such as BigSpace and ComfortSpace. Although it sounded nice – it needed explaining to customers. We took the approach of eliminating the jargon, and now the products are simply named Canteen Space, Office Space and Canteen/Office Space. Not as sexy? But customers now find it a lot easier to buy.

As human beings, we crave simplicity. Why? It’s because it makes it easier. All you have to do is look at IBM – they were called International Business Machines, or FedEx – they were called Federal Express. In branding, clarity is one of the main objectives.

Often outside help can help to clarify, as looking at the challenge with fresh eyes, and a beginner’s mind can uncover interesting insights – that you may not have seen.

See the Boss Cabins case study here

Boss Cabins Naming
By stepping back and clarifying the names of their products, it is helping Boss Cabins sell their products more clearly, and it’s easy for customers to understand the difference in their range.


5 – Attracting talent
Branding isn’t always about new business – it can be done to look attractive too.

Creating the first impression with potential employees or joint ventures first comes from creating the right first impression. Is the message right? Does the company look like a nice company to work for? Do they look approachable? Branding acts as a pull to new opportunities if you communicate a proposition that resonates.

Since working with Yorkshire-based accountants Crowther, they have seen a significant increase in inquiries for people wanting to work for them.

Job advertisements have been filled quicker, and they are attracting the talent that they need to grow the business.

See the Crowther case study here

Rebranding To Attract Talent
Crowther are now attracting talent because they look like a nice place to work for.


Branding is a fascinating subject that can really uncover some game-changing results for businesses, whatever the size. Although branding is a powerful business tool, it doesn’t work for everyone.

Rebranding has always got to have a compelling reason ‘why’ – as it won’t achieve the results expected if it’s just for decoration.

I hope you’ve found this article interesting and if you have any questions about how we can help, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We offer a complimentary presentation on how rebranding could help your organisation.

Give me an email on to find out more.

January 7, 2018

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