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I Can’t Hear You

Last weekend I went to watch Huddersfield town vs Brighton.

I’m not a massive footy fan, but it was my uncles 50th – and he’d arranged a trip
down to the Hove to watch the mighty terriers.

After a few pints in the ground, we all went out and sat in the stand.

It wasn’t even 5 minutes into the game, and the bloke stood next to me made me realize something.

With every move by a player, decision the ref made – he had an opinion and was shouting at the players, and the ref.

For 90 mins the guy kept on shouting at the players, the ref and was commenting on absolutely everything that happened.

The thing is though, the ref, and the players couldn’t hear him.

There was 30k attendance. Thousands of people were shouting and making lots of noise.

It got me thinking.

I thought, although this guy was making all these passionate remarks, there was absolutely no point in doing it.

He was making all this noise, but not getting heard once.

What this bloke at the footy was doing, was what a lot of businesses do when they are
trying to communicate.

They make lots of noise, but they don’t get heard.

Their message just doesn’t stick.

They forget how to speak to their audience. They don’t get the message right, but mainly, they don’t use the right medium for that message.

That bloke had valuable things to say. But he couldn’t get heard.

He wasn’t using the right medium.

He was using his voice, and it wasn’t working at all.

If he got himself a megaphone and bellowed his comments out on that, he’d be more effective.

He’d get heard.

And then, he’d have more chance of changing behavior.

April 13, 2018

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