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We were approached by Rob of BM Property & Projects to create a new identity and marketing materials for his new business.


BM Property & Projects is one business serving two very different markets. Developing high-end property in snowy Baquiera and sunny Mallorca, they required an identity to bring everything together in a coherent brand story.



The high ticket price of the work undertaken means that BM provide a service for the few, not the many. If we could prequalify enquiries through the feel of the brand, we’d save the client time and money. This was about quality, not quantity, of response.

We developed bespoke icons to be applied to print collateral.

The logo was inspired by the notion of construction.


To connect with the brand’s target clientele, Aye! developed an identity that was fashion-focussed, opulent and aspirational. Something that would look equally at home at the back of a couture dress as on the back of a bulldozer. Restrained elegance.

The Results

The finished identity, with its nod to construction and attention to detail, was rolled out to the two markets. Reaction was universally positive. Almost instantly, the brand connected with those of who fitted the ‘ideal customer’ profile. BM are now on their way to building something very special.

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