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Partnering with Distinctive Chesterfields to build a complex e-commerce store.


We were tasked to redesign and redevelop the online store for Distinctive Chesterfields. The objective was to redevelop the website and set it up so that it could integrate with various third-party applications. The previous website had become outdated and was difficult to integrate with a CRM, and other software.



Although the purpose of this project was to focus on the development, we recommended making design tweaks to improve usability and help with conversions. We also thought that the craft aspect of Distinctive Chesterfields could be amplified more – this is something the previous site didn’t really play on.

We suggested looking at messaging, the order process and various design challenges such as swatch requests, and the product pages.

Original Image
Modified Image

Distinctive Chesterfields allow customers to pick a sofa design, choose the fabrics and customise additional extras.

Distinctive allows customers to receive swatches in the post, before they make an order. We simplified the process, by completely rethinking how the swatch section is presented. We also suggested taking the online experience further – with the use of clever email marketing and nudges to prompt customers.

Distinctive Chesterfields Tablet
Distinctive Chesterfields Tablet
Distinctive Chesterfields Tablet

We completely rethought the order process design, by making the design horizontal it has made the order process easier to visualise and for customers to know where they are in the journey.

With over 121 colour swatches available – we had to make sure this was easy to digest.

On the previous website, you didn't get a clear visual of the additional options. We created bespoke illustrations that help customers make a decision.

Distinctive Chesterfields Walnut Leather
Distinctive Chesterfields Holyrood
Distinctive Chesterfields Wally Love Seat

We made sure we highlighted the key messages that Distinctive Chesterfields needed to say. Things like they sell worldwide, and the fact that they manufacture everything themselves.

Distinctive Chesterfields Workshop
Distinctive Chesterfields Workshop
Distinctive Chesterfields Workshop
Distinctive Chesterfields Workshop
Distinctive Chesterfields Workshop


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