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We were approached by LOC Hire, a Scotland based plant hire company, to help them redesign their brand identity and communications to better reflect their business. In three years LOC Hire were one of the fastest growing companies in Scotland. Managing Director Dan Wharton set-up with just two welfare cabins, but quickly expanded their product range. Because LOC had grown quickly, their identity didn’t reflect their current offering and they were struggling to tell their story. Our challenge was to understand LOC, help them define their product portfolio and then present this in various communications.



From workshops with the core team in Scotland and various interviews with suppliers, staff and customers – we learnt that there were different perceptions about LOC Hire. Because they had grown so quickly, they had found it difficult to communicate their wider offering to existing customers. With a large product base, there was a huge opportunity to clarify their offering and cross-sell their products to existing customers – but also make it easier for new customers to understand what they did.

The previous LOC Hire logo was difficult to apply in multiple applications – and the 'hire' was difficult to read at small sizes.

Because LOC Hire had expanded their product range so quickly – they didn't have a design system that helped them scale. They had multiple logos, fonts and colour schemes; making them look inconsistent.

LOC Hire set-up selling only one product, due to customer demand, they quickly started expanding their product range. Because of their quick growth – they struggled to define the different product ranges. We helped LOC define different divisions in their business, that all the products sit underneath.

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I wanted to take the time to let you know how we are getting on since we rebranded a couple of years ago.

The remit at the time was to take a young regional company and make it look and feel like a national business that had been around for a while. There is no doubt in my mind that you have accomplished that.

LOC Hire is now an easily recognised business, with its own particular style, and it's that branding and style that draws comments and remark from all across the UK. In particular, our client base, suppliers and general onlookers have all commented on the branding and how impressed they are with it.

You have helped transform our business and I thank you for that.

Dan Wharton

Managing Director

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