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Laying the groundwork for Lotus's growth


We were approached by Lotus Home Care to redesign their website, help attract more private clientele, drive recruitment and ultimately set the foundations for their future growth.



Home Care is about retaining people’s independence. Rather than living in a care home, home care offers the freedom and comfort of living in your own home.

Whilst we were doing a competitive audit of similar companies, we found a reoccurring theme across the industry. Home Care providers look very similar to the NHS, we found a lot of light blues and clinical looking communications. We asked the question – why do we need to look similar to the NHS?

Home Care is in the same world as the NHS, where people are cared for, but it’s a completely different experience, with a different goal. Carers are there to help you with your independence, to help live your life – and it’s a much more personal experience, with it being in your own home.

Our insight was that if we could position Lotus as a loving, family-like company – then this would carve a difference in people’s minds – but also attract the carers who shared this belief.

We designed a new website, but we also proposed that Lotus rebrand their entire company image.

Original Image
Modified Image
Lotus Home Care Brochures
Lotus Home Care Brochures
Lotus Home Care Brochures
Lotus Home Care Brochures

One of the key differentiators of Lotus, is their industry leading software. They didn't make a big deal of this – but we thought it was genius and people needed to know about it. We also suggested branding it, so it felt more substantial.

Lotus Home Care Image 1
Lotus Home Care Image 2
Lotus Home Care Image 3

We designed a set of icons that could be used across Lotus's marketing communications.

Rebranding is the best thing we've done.


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