A splash of colour

Splashes & Spills are a start-up based in Huddersfield. They asked us to help them shake up the stale industry of face paints and special FX makeup.


Splashes & Spills are a Yorkshire-based gifting wholesaler who believes the party doesn’t get started unless face paint and special FX makeup is involved. They boasted the brightest colours, but sales didn’t match. Enter stage left: Aye!



Bought by parents, but used by children, Splashes & Spills is a brand in balance. If you’re applying something directly to your child’s skin, you need absolute trust. But this is a product ultimately about fun. How to reconcile the two messages and the two audiences?

Unlike many on the market face paint products, Splashes & Spills products are all rigorously tested and approved.

The guys at Splashes & Spills only sell products that they would happily let their own children use.

Face paints are great fun on the day, but theres nothing worse than having your skin stained for days afterwards. Not with Splashes & Spills.


Aye! made colour the star – letting it shine through with the choice of packaging and display. It certainly grabbed the attention of little ones. Accented with a silver foil for a premium feel, custom icons told parents a reassuring story about testing, quality ingredients and approval.

The Results

The Splashes & Spills brand is now a staple in many novelty shops, and enjoys a great reception at tradeshows around the land. The Aye-inspired 'imagine, create, transform' strapline are more than instructions for product use, they convey the journey the brand undertook with us.

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