Making big business for small businesses

Huddersfield-based business development agency Steadcross are an outsourced team for their clients. They help small and micro clients improve their processes and help them win more business.


When you sell on behalf of others, you must firstly sell yourself. Steadcross did a fine job in person. But when they weren’t in the room, their branding let them down. Potential clients weren’t receiving the right messages and had a muddled impression on the brand’s offering.



Speaking with Steadcross’s current clientbase, it was clear that here was a business with a fantastic story to tell. Through our Trigger brand discovery workshop – which articulates insight, strategy and implementation – we extracted and molded their unique story.

Original Image
Modified Image


Steadcross are not all talk. They get out there and do the spadework for their clients. This dynamism needed to be reflected. Aye! took them from looking like cold tax advisors to a faithful confidant. Approachable, yet inspiring trust. This was rolled out to a new website and stationery.


Steadcross is a results focused business. Now they can shout about their wins.

Steadcross new website
Steadcross old website

Working with Aye! Creative was an amazing experience. We learned more than we imagined about our company throughout their design process and that continues the more we appreciate their work. Our fantastic new brand and image have made an enormous difference to us. Thanks guys!

Ian Roberts


The Results

Clarity came with a new strapline: Making big business for small businesses. This was their brand essence. By adapting it as almost a mantra, big changes were achieved both internally and externally. These days, Steadcross do the business and look the business.

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