A new way to buy and sell your car

The Car Spot brings a new format to the second-hand car market. Allowing people to buy and sell their car with ease.


The Car Spot approached us with a refreshing take on the second-hand car market. They were unhappy with the current process of buying and selling used cars, in which people are often forced into a decision. The guys at The Car Spot had come up with the solution, they just needed to introduce it to the market.



As this was a brand new concept, it was vital that we understood how it worked. Utilising our Trigger brand discovery workshop we were able to¬†get to the bottom of this new process, allowing us to tailor our approach to The Car Spot’s specific needs.

By taking a bold, confident approach The Car Spot never has to worry about being lost in a sea of competition.

The Car Spot believes in being open...

The Car Spot believes in being innovative...

The Car Spot believes in being responsive...

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