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The Power Of Perception

With sight being our main way of taking in the world – perception is how we judge things. Some say “seeing is believing”.

Whenever we are about to make a transaction, we ask ourselves, does that look like a trustworthy business to give my money to?

We make judgments on everything that we see. The image of a company, the value of a share price, or the healthiness of a product.

If we make judgments on what we see, then why do some organisations not care about how they look? How you are seen can affect how people take action towards your organisation.

If you look like a small business, can you handle my workload? If you look cheap, then does that mean I’ll receive a great level of service? If you look old-fashioned, then does this mean that the end product will be current?

These are questions customers are asking themselves automatically before they’ve even made contact with you.

By using design, you can express how you want to be perceived. You can choose to look small or big, cheap or expensive, local or global.

Take this example for instance.

Both these wines are the same product. I’ve just presented them in a different way. One looks cheap and the other one looks more expensive.


Branding Agency Yorkshire – Graphic Design


Which would you pay £20 for?

It’s How We See Things
This is something that some people in business understand, and some don’t get at all. They think it’s pretty pictures, and decoration, just for the sake of it – not a tool that can help their business.

What they don’t understand, is that perception is the first thing that potential customers will see.

It’s the interface before they make a decision.

Take the wine example. We make purchase decisions based on whether we feel certain, or uncertain towards something. As humans, we hate the fact of losing, and losing money especially, so we judge things (if we don’t know too much about them) based on what we see – because that’s our only way of evaluating at that moment in time.

Many businesses we meet do fantastic things yet on all their communications; their website, their brochures, their social media, their company videos, don’t reflect this.

They are sending the wrong message. Which is hurting them.

Perception is powerful, because by changing perception, you can change behaviour, which can impact results.


Branding Agency Yorkshire – Aye! Agency


That’s what a lot of branding projects are all about, changing how the company is seen.

So ask yourself, how many customers have not got in touch with you, because of how they perceive you?

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June 7, 2018

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